Create Windows 7 USB install disk on OS X BootCamp Assistant

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Over the past few days I have been trying to dualboot Windows 8 on my mid-2010 MacBookPro because I want to game out to some Skyrim and finish the storyline. Unfortunately, when I use the BootCamp Assistant I have no option to create a Windows 7 USB installer. On the second screen where you can download the Apple Windows drivers and perform the install, there should be a checkbox to create a Windows 7 USB install disk. The funny thing is, I could have sworn I had seen this option enabled before. Well on my MacBook this option was nowhere to be found.

I did some googling and I stumbled across this thread which outlines that the BootCamp Assistant does not have the current Mac in its β€œsupport Macs” plist file. By editing the Info.plist in the Package Contents of BootCamp and adding my MacBook into the file, I was able to create a Windows 8 install disk with the BootCamp Assistant.

If the thread mentioned earlier does not work, the information is in a more condensed version on the Apple Forums.


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