How To Setup A Windows 10 Application Network Killswitch

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A more appropriate title for this could be: How to setup Windows 10 firewall rules to kill network traffic to an application when it disconnects from your VPN connection, for whatever reason.

If you’re concerned with privacy and you’re using a VPN connection on your computer to browse the internet, you’re likely wanting to protect your downloading habits from prying eyes among other things. In a previous post I documented the ultimate automated media setup and covered a bit on setting up a VPN to ensure you’re safe from your ISP and other 3rd-party snoopers. In this post I want to show you how to setup an application in Windows 10 to kill network activity only for that application using just the Windows Firewall and some straight-forward inbound/outbound rules.

Getting started with Homebridge on a Raspberry Pi Zero W

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This post is a continuation of my original post guiding you through setting up a headless Raspberry Pi Zero W on macOS. Immediately after I wrote that post, not much happened with my rPi and it sat unplugged for a few months while I mulled over a project to put it to use for. Over the coming months however I have been increasingly interested in home automation exclusively with HomeKit. I got to wondering, “I should be able to control all the connected devices in my home using just the Home app running iOS 11 on my iPhone 7 Plus and not these other inferior apps!”.

While doing research for home automation, I stumbled on homebridge and it dawned on me that to use my rPi just for it. After getting everything installed and setup a few times (wiping the SD card between installs and retrying), I came to realize how surprisingly easy it is to setup! In this post I’m going to show you how to get your own rPi running homebridge, and even recommend some plugins to use to make it useful.

The Ultimate Automated Media Setup for Movies & TV Shows

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Updated: Dec 15th 2017 (Thanks to everyone who’s signed up to ExpressVPN with my referral link, I’ve received over 2 months of free service so far which means those who’ve used it have as well! 😊)

Updated: Sept 19th 2017 (added a section for auto-connecting to a VPN provider when it disconnects)

Until now, I’ve been really happy with managing my personal media collection on my computer. Lately though, with an ever-growing collection of media, I decided to change that. This article will outline the gauntlet I ran to discover what the ultimate automated media setup would look like in practice.

Note: This post is strictly and entirely an educational experiment and I am in no way condoning the use, nor advocacy, of software to acquire copyrighted media content. If you use this information for such a purpose, you have been warned 🕴.

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Raspberry Pi Zero W headless setup on macOS

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Recently I acquired a RaspberryPi Zero W, a few years after I regretted selling my RaspberryPi B board back in 2013. The following is an account of the trials and tribulations I endured to get it connected to the internet!

This setup requires no monitor, or external keyboard, not even the OTG USB cable that I bought because I thought I needed it.

Getting started with Pebble SDK and Rocky.js

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Last updated: January 6th 2017

A month after publishing this post, Pebble was acquired by Fitbit and if you haven’t seen my reaction on Twitter, I’ll have you know that I’m not very happy about it. Fitbit has vowed to ensure all active Pebble devices will stay running through 2017, however with all things I am skeptical.

From Dec 8th 2016 on, here be dragons.


tl;dr: I built and published my first watchface using RockyJS, available on the Pebble app store! I wouldn’t mind if you went there gave it a big ole’ ❤ 😁

The source is also available on github.

I owned a Fitbit Charge HR, but I grew out of it. Wanting something else, the Pebble Time device seemed to fit my checklist of “wants and needs”. The hackability of the Pebble, the community, and the ecosystem are what drew me to it. I wasn’t a fan of the original device using a black and white e-ink display, but when the colour e-ink display was announced I became invested.

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