Evernote Accelerator Week Three and Four, and Demo Day

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Honda Silicon Valley Labs Tour #

Monday morning we got to tour the Honda Silicon Valley Labs office. I found it very interesting the way Honda views the future of the automobile and how developers can use their API to gather data from said vehicles.

Eric Magicovsky @ Pebble #

Gah! I got so caught up in coding our new social features for Postach.io that I completely missed Eric Migicovsky come to Evernote and do a talk about his success with Kickstarter and the Pebble smartwatch. Next time I hope!

Google Tour #

We got a tour of the Google campus by Don Dodge on wednesday of week three and I finally got to go inside of the Googleplex instead of ride around on the GBikes. Very exciting!

Google Campus

Google Campus

Bucks Restaurant and Morganthaler #

Thursday we arrived at the Evernote office bright and early for a field trip to a restaurant called Buck’s, in Woodside. If you’ve never heard of it, this is the craziest restaurant you will ever go to. As a person who works in tech, I’m quite glad I was able to experience Buck’s. Seriously, check it out when you’re in SF next time! What’s even crazier about this place is the history that has been made there: Tesla was founded at a booth to the left from where we sat, Paypal was funded one table over to the right from us, and the big table that we sat at was the original table that the Netscape team used to gain funding.

Bucks Restaurant

Bucks Restaurant

After eating a delicious breakfast at Bucks, we headed down Sand Hill Road to Morgenthaler. There we learned about their new venture capital fund called the Canvas Fund, which contains USD$175M to put towards seed-stage startups and ideas over the course of 4 years.

Morgan Thaler Ventures

Morgan Thaler Ventures

Demo Day #

We worked hard for the last week and are getting close to launching our new and improved site redesign and social sharing features. On Demo Day we showcased some of our updates that we’ve made while in the Accelerator.