Standing Desk Upgrade with IKEA Capita Brackets

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I bought some IKEA Capita brackets last week and today they were delivered from Vancouver! I was excited to get them installed, so I did the installation to my desk right away. I realized after I put everything back together that I should have taken before and after pictures, but for anyone interested, check out my previous post on my adventures in building a simple standing desk.

All finished

After installing the brackets as-per the instructions, I ran into a problem which is actually outlined in the beginning of the instruction booklet that came with the brackets. It happens when physics becomes an asshole, so you can’t install these brackets just anywhere. The problem is this: these brackets extend whatever shelf you’re attaching to them out 4-inches or more depending on where you install them at the base and the top. This poses a problem because gravity is a bit of an asshole. If you put too much weight on the top shelf, whatever the brackets are attached to is going to tip over unless properly secured.

Rough sketch

Thats where these handy little L-brackets come in that were in my toolbox:

L brackets close-up

It’s definitely not the most elegant solution, but it works and it’s holding the middle shelf from tipping over!

Side-view of Capita Brackets

Let’s see your standing desk hacks! Put a link in the comments to a photo gallery of your workstation-gone-standing-desk.

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